Uncover the mystery of skin color analysis! Reveal your true beauty at home without intimidating, phony & costly sales people.

It is no secret, when you look your best, you feel on top of the world, confident and in demand!

In under an hour, learn secrets that unlock the mystery behind the power of wearing the right colors for your skin tone, enhancing your own unique beauty and application techniques that will give you a professional edge!

From: Teresa Svedman

Dear Friend,

Make-up and color undertone determination can be very frustrating. Because you are a girl, somehow that automatically makes you qualified, informed and an expert of applying make-up and wearing the colors most appealing for you.

If it were that easy you wouldn't be looking for help. You are not alone! This is why I have created this web page.

When working with my clients, I have found that they consistently want to know...

  1. how to determine their skin color analysis
  2. how to properly use cosmetics
  3. how to keep make-up on all day without re-applying
  4. how to find a foundation that matches
  5. how to care for your skin

NOW you can get the help you have always wanted but
never thought you could afford.

I have been studying make-up technique for over twenty years. My artistic nature and my not-so-perfect facial features led me into a journey of improving my appearance without surgery.

I have been a Make-up Artist Trainer with a national company and through my make-up career, I have enjoyed helping hundreds of women make subtle changes with better application techniques teaching them to enhance their beautiful faces.

  • No matter how much (or little) make-up you wear, this information applies to you.
  • Save lots of money when you are informed with guidelines and color suggestions for your skin tone and facial features.
  • Identify your facial feature shapes and apply make-up to enhance your best features.
  • Learn valuable information on color analysis by season for your particular skin tone.
  • Learn how to care for the skin you are in! Great skin is the basis for beautiful make-up!
  • See pictures of applied make-up, a great teaching tool.

Women who wear make-up have higher incomes and hold better job positions than women who don't!

Don't believe me; take a look at the pictures below. Honestly ask yourself, 'in business, which person would I take more seriously?'

A polished professional look is truly worth its weight in gold!

Honestly, I understand how women feel. Many fear trying any new cosmetics because of the learning curve necessary to try to figure out how to use it.

Nothing is more frustrating than being talked into purchasing something that you hate, believe me, I am the "salesman's best friend" so I completely can relate to having a drawer full of products you've been talked into buying. Once you have spent the money, you can't bare to toss it!

You may need to clean house, but first, learn within minutes how to...

  • Use simple skin care tips and prepare your face for applying cosmetics.
  • Make color choices that work with your skin tones.
  • Enhance your best features.
  • Minimize undesirable shape through identifying you face shape, eye, nose and mouth shape.
  • Use simple contouring techniques to:
    • create a less round face,
    • slim your nose bridge,
    • round off a square jaw line,
    • widen and balance a thin long face and more. The little things make a difference!
  • Create a make-up finish that will last ALL DAY.
  • Create a "natural look" and then make it more "dramatic" for evening.
  • Understand the importance of eyebrows, how to shape them naturally.

Don't waste your money on stencils! And never leave it up to your hairdresser to shape your brows! Make-up application and techniques are minimally taught in beauty schools so most likely, she is not an expert.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer... I encourage it! But don't become the latest eyebrow casualty, you know what I am talking about bald spots, too thin, too short, you could be a victim of the angry look or the surprised look.

In minutes you can create damage that will take months to repair!

The facts are...

  • Facial features, face shape and your natural brow line will determine your best eyebrow shapes.
  • Magazines are geared toward teaching us make-up on only the most beautiful faces and selling you their advertiser's ideas of beauty; my information is for all of us!
  • Cosmetic application in most salons is considered a loss leader and often is a service that is added in for free.
  • Hairdressers just don't get the training they need in cosmetic application.
  • Sanitary conditions can be the absolute worst in salons and department stores. I commonly see dirty brushes reused and displayed without being cleaned.
  • Eye and mouth areas are body fluid exposed and although some products like talc based shadows and blushes are not ideal for growing bacteria, I don't like to take chances, do you?

Learn your skin undertone and identify colors best suited for you.

Using a step-by-step system of identifying your skin undertone picking out your best features and create a more natural and professional look starting today!

Great make-up is not the latest style, but understanding how to work with your features using classic techniques and then applying products correctly. Jazzing up your look with trends is fine once you have a sense of what will be best for you.

You will be proud of how you present yourself and applying like a 'pro' with a little practice.

Here are some "Before & After" examples using my techniques... (My models are pictured in their "before" with make-up, how they normally wear it.)

Judy Before Judy After Robin Before Robin After Diana Before Diana After
Dori Before Dori After Melanie Before Melanie After Christine Before Christine After

I hear from my customers...

"People are asking me why I keep looking younger and everyone else is looking older."

Carol C.

"I used to never wear make-up because I felt like it just never looked right on me, I know now that I just never was taught how to apply it properly."

Nikki S.

"I learned how to groom my eyebrows and how to line my eyes to give my eyes a natural lift."

Robin B.

Don't purchase another eye shadow without getting the information you need to know about what color will emphasize your eyes and how to apply it to emphasize your particular eye shape. Stop wasting your money!

I charge a minimum of $100 per hour for application services. You will get years of accumulated knowledge tailored specifically for you if you follow my simple system of success.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Boost your confidence by enhancing the way you look! Practice techniques specifically tailored to your features and enjoy the compliments you will recieve.

To order this information, I have created an easy to use, download now button. Enjoy the convenience of using Pay Pal. Within minutes, you will enjoy the value of this information.

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Teresa Svedman
Teresa Svedman
Free Lance Make-up Artist

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Before & After Transition

Here is a "Before & After" transition using my techniques... subtle application changes can make a difference.