Reduce stress & look younger through technology

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Honestly, the older I get, fewer things excite me and as I contemplate it, I feel it basically boils down to two main criteria

  1. It has to make me feel great
  2. Or make me look younger :)  Oh, and if I lose weight, that is an incredibly magical bonus!

I recently have been using some amazing App’s that certainly exceeds these engaging standards.  Http:// is a link to a site with mp3 apps that deliver.  Not only will they make you “feel good” with a soothing dictation of traditional hypnosis technique but also, I absolutely love that he has two that you can download for FREE.

"With Andrew Johnson"

Infinite Relaxation, I need some of that!

Of course, to really thrill me, a product has to also make me look younger as well.  I am pleased to tell you that it is scientific fact, when you reduce stress through deep breathing, exercise, a healthy diet, meditation or prayer, you can clearly create a more youthful appearance.  Stress ages us.  I think I made that perfectly clear in a previous article.

If you are into the Apple products, you may prefer to link to his most current production, the “Infinite Relaxation” App.  This looks absolutely fabulous with the ability to manipulate the time you have to relax from 5 minutes to 60 minutes; to have the app put you into a deep sleep for the night or to have it awaken you and more.

I could wow you with his success stories and mimic his list of credentials but as a trained Hypnotist myself, I think just a nod of approval will encourage you to check him out.  My website isn’t fancy.  I do all the writing.  Those of you who have worked with me personally know I am careful about products I choose to use and share.  I encourage you to give him a “free” try and make sure you share your feedback. Here is another link, you may find useful to App Brain.  There are over 500 comments with just this one App :)  So Relax for a more beautiful you.

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