About Me

Teresa Svedman My name is Teresa. I have been studying make-up since my teens. I had my own private label company for a few years. I became so busy being a Mom, assisting my husband with his businesses that I had to let something go to maintain sanity. The company I had purchased product from, sold to a large corporation and that was my opportunity to lighten my load and let “Skinsense” my little skin care and make-up business go.

I am an artist and an animal lover inspired by nature and a nurturer of beauty. A busy family life, financial and emotional struggles of owning and operating small businesses became too much for me and my life spiraled out of control and I forgot myself, if that makes any sense to you.

I have suffered from sleep deprivation problems from childhood escalating into other health issues such as depression, anxiety, asthma, obesity etc. and I have fought to become healthier through the years reaching for alternatives because Doctors just want to medicate.

I will not tell you that I don’t believe in Medical Doctors because my family physician and my Psychologist I credit for saving my life. Medication was part of my recovery and allowed me to begin to understand my health issues and although I have been medication free for several years now, it was only through study, trial and error which allows me to continue to improve.

I share this information with you to not depress you but to let you know that I am not perfect. I make mistakes everyday but I truly work toward learning and improving all the time.

Returning to make-up

I worked with a national company as the New York Cosmetic Trainer for several years with a product that saved my skin. I had become so frustrated with the horrors of products sold in department stores, not to mention the drain they provided to my pocket book, with little to no results and a slew of allergic reactions. I know what it feels like to be a consumer out there in the jungle of health and beauty products.

I began to pursue cosmetics again because it has always been a passion of mine. Most importantly, I love helping women feel empowered by helping themselves. I also began teaching application to others who wanted to become make-up artists. It is one thing to buy a product and another to actually put it on properly and get professional results.

I think the definition of frustration is looking at fashion and beauty magazines with new products being thrown at you right and left, looking at faultless women, well actually many are as young as 12 years old made to look like women. Most of us will never achieve their perfection. I have to tell you, I never looked like that even when I was 12. How about just looking like you but better? My clients had similar complaints and writing these e-books was a forum for me to reach a wider audience. I love teaching and I hope you will allow me to teach you the basics. They are the building blocks that will catapult your confidence. I know that you can be a more beautiful you.

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