Magazines, ugh, enough already!

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I am done!  I refuse to purchase anymore magazines. I feel they are so little content and all advertisements and we are fools for purchasing them.  And furthermore, what I want to see, the photos are so small, I need magnification to really view what truly interests me.  Am I off my rocker, getting too old or are you feeling this way too?

I remember when I was in high school, how I looked forward to the new Cosmopolitan, Glamour or Seventeen.  I don’t know that I read all the articles but I felt like I viewed a lot of fashion, hair, make-up, beauty tips, music and exercise ideas.  I spent hours scouring the information.  I would review them and refer to them and I remember magazines used to get a sort of a worn look to them as sisters and girlfriends shared them.

Hell, I actually open them from the back now.  This is where the meat of the magazine is anyway.  For years now, you haven’t been able to view the table of contents without flipping through presentation of at least eight pages of advertisement.  How stupid do these people think we are anyway?  I find myself skimming through them in an expedited manner barely taking the time to lick my fingers to flip a page, if I miss a few, who cares, nothing missed other than a bundled advertisement spread.

So the bottom line is…  they are archaic.  I am bored by magazines.  I suppose times have changed with the internet and for my age, I have become fairly technically savvy.  I can zoom into photos and really see a wide range of styles and fashion literally from a world of perspective.  I believe the time has come to save more trees!

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