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Easy Color Undertone, Light Your Fire!Easy Undertone, Light your fire! Learn what colors make you look your best and what colors make you feel your best. This is a lesson into undertone analysis. You can do this all on your own! I have created a small 12 page booklet to assist you in determining your own undertone in an easy to use system. Need to play hooky from work? Wearing the wrong color will have people saying, “You don’t look so well today” or “are you feeling alright?”

The psychology of color has been used on us for years especially in the restaurant business! Color can affect your mood, how much you eat, even increase or decrease your energy level. Not always will these colors be the best choice for you when complimenting undertone, but healing our bodies with color can be extremely therapeutic. I have included the many positive aspects of colors, so you can make better choices about the color you want to wear, as well as the colors you surround yourself in, at your home and office.

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Skin Care Made Simple!Skin care made simple! This booklet will benefit all the members of your family. 23 pages of basic skin care tips, a list of a few key ingredients you will want to look for in your skin care products. I will not bore you with product recommendations or reviews. I am not bought by cosmetic companies wanting to sell to you the latest and the greatest. There are lots of nice products available anywhere you choose to shop. Learn about skin care and skin health and why wearing a foundation can be the basics of your best face.

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My-Make-Up-Style!My-Make-Up-Style, your make-up application manual. This 56 page book is your indispensable guide to understanding make-up application! After working on this project, I no longer take for granted the knowledge that I provide to my clients. To help you understand how to utilize this information I am providing, I illustrated all of the drawings, took my own digital pictures and made no digital touch-ups. It is a road map, aiding not only beginners but even cosmetologists wanting to improve their skills.

You deserve to see real women and real results. Let me cut to the chase and just give you the honest to goodness basics. I am providing you with the ‘must know’ on how to work with the face that God gave you.  Allowing you to unveil your own true beauty.

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Pictures Of Applied Make-up!Pictures of Applied Make-up, an application study guide. This is a booklet on what I did when working with my models. It features all of their before pictures (the way they apply their make-up) and after, the way I applied make-up to work with their face shape and features to help you pull the information together and apply it. Even with my own picture, I did not work with a photographer and a hair stylist.  The pictures are about make-up not hair. I wanted to stay true to make-up and not confuse you with other issues.

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Most importantly, if you order all four books now, I want to give you a bonus report My-Make-Up-Style for Teens. This is written for those of you that have teenagers wanting to wear make-up. I know this can be a scary time for a parent, but it is so exciting for your daughter. I have put together my tips on dealing with this issue and want to share it with you as my thank-you gift for purchasing this bundle.

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